Part B – Choose a Topic

Step 1: Choosing the topic you want to investigate and planning your project.

Consider these questions and detail your responses in your journal:

1. Which Global Context interests me the most?

2. What is my topic/field of interest (narrow it down as much as possible)?

3. What goals do I want to achieve? What are my intentions?

4. Which Global Context are specifically addressed by my project?

5. What is the project question that I want to pursue?

6. What do I think might be the answer to my question? In other words, what is my hypothesis or thesis statement?

7. What do I have to do to find out if this hypothesis is correct?

8. How much time do I expect to spend on these things?

a)   To analyse them?

b)   To present my analysis?

 9. What do I expect of my supervisor when we meet?

10. Have I set realistic deadlines for each phase?

- Download the ‘ismart Goal proformer’, located below, to help you develop your project design.  If you can print as an A3 even better. This will allow more room to write.  Follow the prompts in each section of the proformer.

- Ensure that you have a clear focus on an Area of Interaction.  Discuss your ismart goal proformer with your parents, (friend – optional) and your House Tutor/ project supervisor.

pdficon_largei Smart Goal Proformer Download