Part C: Personal Project Information Sheet:  No. 1

Welcome to your personal project.  This is your chance to produce something that is unique and personally interesting to you.  There are some things, however, that you need to remember:

a] It needs to be entirely your own work.

b] You will need to agree on a clear and achievable goal with your House Tutor.

c] Because this Personal Project is completed within your Middle Years course you will be required to show how your project relates to one Global Context.

There are three components to the Personal Project: (i) the product you create, (ii) the Personal Project Journal and (iii) a final report written after you have completed the product.

So how to begin…

  • The first step is to talk to your House Tutor, to help you to select a suitable project.  On the next page you need to complete the Personal Project Planner.  Once you have completed your planner, have it signed by your parent.  Your House Tutor will then discuss your planner with you and sign the form.  This must be done by the end of Week One Term Three at the latest.
  • The second step is keeping track of your project.  You are required to keep an online process journal showing how your project unfolds.  This will be your Project Journal.  You will be provided with a unique logon for your online Project Journal.  In this journal you need to make entries such as what worked well, what went wrong and how you fixed it.  You can also insert in any materials that are relevant and even upload images and sketches.  You will need to record a date for each of your entries.  You will be able to share your journal with your friends in an secure online community.  It’s important that you understand that staff have access to your online journal and will be checking this regularly to monitor your online progress.
  • You will need to keep a running bibliography using a .DOC file located on your online diary page.  This way you can keep track of any sources of information.  To make this simple, sort these pages into the following columns (Author, Date, Title, Publisher and City of Publication).  You might need to vary this a little if your article comes from an Internet site or a journal publication.
  • Remember, your journal should be completed honestly and updated regularly to show how your project is developing.  You will have ups and downs in your projects – understand that it is just as important to record your mistakes as well as your successes.
  • There are three distinct components that are assessed – the process journal, the personal project report and the final outcome or the product.